BMW K1100 LT 16V - 1993

Triumph of engineering and design

The 1993 BMW K1100 LT 16V has been meticulously transformed by Ottodrom's expert mechanics, combining tailoring artistry with obsessive attention to detail. The engine has been partially overhauled and painted matt black, giving it an aggressive and refined appearance. The rear subframe has been customized and equipped with a 3-function rear light recessed into the handcrafted fiberglass tail, offering a touch of elegance and functionality.

The electrical system has been updated with a control unit and a MotoGadget digital instrument, expertly embedded in the steering plate machined from solid (CNC), accompanied by electronic controls for advanced and precise management. The radial front brake pump, together with a completely overhauled chassis and brake system, ensures powerful and responsive braking.

The original Nine-T screen has been adapted with a handcrafted support frame, while the semi-handlebars and rearset footrests offer a sporty and comfortable riding position. The original engine tip and handcrafted aluminum side panels complete the look, underlining the care and craftsmanship of the Ottodrom team.

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