Story of an Icon

Where legends on two wheels are born.

Born in 2013 in the heart of Rome, between history and art, Ottodrom is much more than a workshop.

It is the place where Italian craftsmanship and the passion for innovation meet biker culture, giving life to unique and authentic creations.

Custom soul. Road icon.

An obsessive dedication to quality and customisation, complete and partial, to transform your motorbike into a style icon. Join us and discover the true essence of two wheels.

Live the experience
  • Draw

    The design laboratory is our creative epicenter, where dreams take shape and become reality.
    Our expert artists, technicians and designers will transform your vision into a unique project.

  • Projects

    Passion, innovation, design. Frame, saddle, indicators, exhausts, chassis: our engineers and designers define your style on the road, taking care of performance, reliability, driving style and your safety.

  • Explore

    Your bike is ready to conquer the road, it's time to explore new horizons and new emotions. Grab the handlebars, put on your helmet, listen to the roar of the engine. It's her, your custom bike.

Complete your custom soul

Visit the shop and wear your Ottodrom style. Exclusive, free, unique. Comets.

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